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to Photobox’s new creation studio

Using the new editor on all devices

We know how important your photos are to you. We know how much you love making your Photo Books and how much joy they bring when you look back at them. That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring you a new, improved creation studio that makes it easier to create your book, giving you back more time to spend adding all the extra touches to make it truly yours. It’s even easy to switch between desktop, tablet and mobile, so you can choose when and where to work on your book.

1. Choose how to create your Photo Book

The first thing you see when you start making a book is a choice between starting from a blank book or using new Photobox Easy Create™, our specially developed creation tools with artificial intelligence. Photobox Easy Create™ offers a helping hand by creating a first draft in moments, giving you more time to add your finishing touches.

Photobox Easy Create™

Which mode to create in

If you want help creating your book choose Photobox Easy Create™. We’ll make a personalised version of your book by organising and arranging your photos, as well as cropping them so faces are always at the heart of the image.

To make your personalised book, we’ll ask you some questions about how you’d like to organise your photos and the kind of book you’re making (for example, is it about your latest holiday, a wedding, a new baby?) and how you’d prefer us to order your photos.

We can also remove any duplicate photo uploads and even choose the best photo from lots of similar shots, by discounting any that are blurry or too dark. And if you want to add more photos back in later, that’s really easy.

Select book theme

We’ll then upload your photos and use your answers to design your book’s pages with a variety of different layouts.

If you love it (and we think you will) you can order your book straight away! Or, you can flex your creative muscles and edit as much as you like. Later in this page we’ll show you just a few of the ways you can edit your book...

Blank book

Edit the cover

If you know exactly how you want your book to look, or get excited by the creative possibilities of the blank page, just choose Blank book. Once you’ve uploaded your photos you’ll have total creative freedom to make your book from scratch.

2. Upload your photos

Upload photos

Now that you’ve chosen how you want to make your book, it’s time to upload your photos. You can either use photos you’ve previously added to your account or upload new photos using our new, user-friendly interface.

3. Edit your Photo Book

Your photos are only the start of your book. There are so many personal touches you can add, and our new creation studio makes editing easy to do. You can even switch between your mobile, tablet and desktop, letting you edit your book on the go.

Shuffle layouts

Edit the pages

We’ve added a new feature that lets you try out thousands of different page layouts with a single click of a button. Each click changes the order, shape and size of your photos on the page. Add or take out photos for even more layout options, or swap photos around - it really is all up to you.

Want to add an extra photo to a page? Drag and drop it onto the shuffle button and the page layout will automatically rearrange itself to fit. Don’t like the new layout? Just hit shuffle!

Personal touches

Add stickers and background colour

You can add captions - or even long descriptions and messages - to your Photo Book. Our new creation studio helps you make your book even more personal by making it easy to add background colours to pages, as well as beautiful borders and cute illustrations to make your favourite photos really stand out. Why not use the cut-out feature to turn your photos into different shapes?

And if you decide you don’t like something you’ve added, our undo/redo feature lets you change your last 50 actions.

Auto save

Add text

Never worry about losing your work again with our new auto save feature. We’ll prompt you to save your Photo Book soon after you begin. Once you’ve saved your book the first time, we’ll then automatically save your book every two minutes - so you don’t have to worry about it.

Photo quality checks

If you’ve uploaded a photo that might not print well, we’ll warn you when you add it to a page. Sometimes, images downloaded from social media have been compressed and could be blurry when printed. We want your book to be perfect, so we’ll let you know if anything could affect its quality.

4. Preview your Photo Book

Once you’ve finished editing your Photo Book, you want to be sure everything’s just how you want it. You can preview your book at any point by clicking the ‘preview’ button in the top right hand corner.

Once you’re happy and are ready to order, we’ve added in a last check to make sure you haven’t accidentally missed anything.

Preview the book

We’ll let you know if there’s text missing from the spine, no cover image, or if there are any layouts with missing photos.

You can go back and add anything or, if you’re happy, continue to checkout. It’s just one more helping hand to make sure your book is exactly how you want it.

5. Enjoy your Photo Book

You’ve made your book! We’ll print it on our high quality printing machines and hand-check it once it comes off the presses. It will soon be safely packaged and on its way to your door, ready for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come.

We’re always working to improve your creation experience, so keep checking in to see what’s new and improved.

Finished book